Video Analytics

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  • Integrated into EasyView
  • Trip Wire
  • Tracking
  • People Counting
  • Dwell Filter
  • Remove Object
  • Speed Detection
  • Smoke
  • Fire



Video Analytics Package

The Ernitec Video Analytics Package can be implemented either as a counting functionality or with full VCA functionality. It includes tempering detection mechanism to prevent camera vandalism. The easy to use graphical configuration tool for camera calibration and generating zones, lines and rules for VCA events.



Zones & Lines

The configuration screen is where you configure the zones and lines you need to use for different aspects of the VCA.

You can add PROs of different filters to each zone/line, such as direction filters, people dwelling, tripwires, object appeared/disappeared, speed tracking and many others.


Huge Camera Integration List

The EasyView software, can integrate with over 2000 cameras with native SDK integration offering the full features of the cameras not just the normal OnVif integration. Of course you can use OnVif cameras opening up to almost limitless choice of camera integration.

Channel Configuration

The VCA configuration screen is where you can set the camera up for use with VCA. For the VCA to work you need to add the angle of the camera and the height of the camera so it can work out the area in a 3D space, so this can determine weather the camera is looking at a car, person or other objects. When you get the next screen you need to configure the channel by using the image overlay (right). This is based on a 6ft human so you can obtain the right height and FOV for the camera (near and far).


Counting Function

With the counting function you can set object counts based n object classification and movement direction, its also fully integrated with the EasyView video Management Solution.


VCA Configuration Tool

The VCA configuration screen is where you configure the initial setup of the VCA. The separate license for the VCA needs to be added at this stage.


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