EasyView System Analysis

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Reporting Tool

  • Custom Reports
  • Audit Trail
  • Alarms & Events
  • Bookmarks
  • Centralised Database
  • Retail Event Research
  • Any Web Browser
  • People counting reports
  • ANPR analysis




Create custom reports based on Ernitec Video Analytics & ANPR software. Events including people counting, dwell times and number plate statistics. Audit trail reports for system and user insights, web based tool for designing 2D/3D graphical reports with easy to use pre-configured and customised reports are saved as bookmarks.


Report Configuration

Setup restricted access for specific end users. The reports can be exported in different formats doc, .xls, .ppt or list format. The audit trail reports to give a system overview. User reports for access and action. Pre-configured reports to analyse and improve the system. Bookmarks for pre-configured reports


Alarm & Events

Configured alarms and events are sorted in a Microsoft SQL express database Centralized database or installed directly on to the master recorder


The report interface is used to access data stored in the EasyView System Management and Alarm Database by creating alarm on specific events these are entered into the Alarm Database and can then be used to create statistical reports or provide trend analysis.  Alarm events such people counting or dwell times can be used to provide information on retail environments or public spaces.


Audit Trail Data

EasyView Usage and internal events can be filtered for precise reporting and data Export into .CVS format for Excel spreadsheets. Event reports can be customized to specific event data and configured as alarms in EasyView system. Typical uses can be for security statics for management overview or for process/system optimization and event statistics.



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